Concrete Shower Floor: The Ultimate Guide

Concrete Shower Floor


Things being what they are, you’ve settled to energize your restroom and are thinking about a concrete shower floor? Great decision! Concrete shower floors are turning out to be progressively well known, and for good explanation. They’re a functional choice as well as a stylish and current assertion piece. Be that as it may, before you jump into this stylish redesign, we should separate all that you really want to realize about concrete shower floors.

What is a Concrete Shower Floor?

In its least complex structure, a concrete shower floor is only that — a shower floor made from concrete. Yet, don’t allow the straightforwardness to trick you. This material offers many prospects regarding configuration, finish, and sturdiness.

Why Pick Concrete for Your Shower Floor?

Concrete could appear to be an eccentric decision for a shower floor, yet it offers an extraordinary mix of common sense and stylish allure. It’s not just about the crude, modern look. Concrete can be cleaned, stained, finished, or even trimmed with brightening examples to match any washroom style.

Advantages of Concrete Shower Floors

Okay, we should get into the quick and dirty of why concrete is a heavenly decision for your shower floor.

Solidness and Life span

Concrete is staggeringly tough. When introduced and kept up with accurately, it can keep going for a really long time without requiring substitution. It’s impervious to chipping, breaking, and water harm, making it ideal for the wet and hot climate of a shower.

Stylish Allure

Concrete offers a cutting edge, moderate look that is profoundly pursued in contemporary home plan. Whether you favor a smooth, cleaned finish or a rough, finished surface, concrete can be redone to accommodate your tasteful inclinations.

Customization Choices

The adaptability of concrete is one of its greatest selling focuses. You can stain it in different varieties, clean it to a serious shine, or add surfaces and examples. The conceivable outcomes are unfathomable, permitting you to make an exceptional shower floor that mirrors your own style.

Low Upkeep

Concrete shower floors are moderately low support contrasted with different materials. They don’t need incessant scouring or extraordinary cleaners. A basic wipe down with a gentle cleaner is typically sufficient to keep them looking unblemished.

Sorts of Concrete Shower Floors

Concrete is definitely not a one-size-fits-all arrangement. There are a few sorts of concrete completions to browse, each offering an alternate look and feel.

Cleaned Concrete

Cleaned concrete is smooth and sparkling, giving a smooth, present day look. It’s accomplished by crushing the concrete surface with logically better abrasives until the ideal degree of clean is reached.

Stained Concrete

Staining concrete permits you to add tone and profundity to the surface. Corrosive stains and water-based stains are ordinarily used to accomplish different shades and tones, giving your shower floor an interesting appearance.

Finished Concrete

Finished concrete adds a non-slip surface to your shower floor, making it more secure. It very well may be accomplished through different procedures, for example, stepping, brush getting done, or including totals.

Fixed Concrete

Fixing concrete safeguards it from water, stains, and mold. It likewise upgrades the variety and surface, giving the floor a more cleaned look. There are different sealers accessible, from matte to reflexive.

Plan Thoughts for Concrete Shower Floors

Concrete doesn’t need to exhaust. Here are some plan thoughts to motivate your next restroom redesign.

Current Moderate Plans

Think clean lines, nonpartisan tones, and a cleaned finish. A cutting edge moderate concrete shower floor can make a smooth and complex look that is both immortal and stylish.

Natural and Modern Looks

On the off chance that you lean toward a more rough, crude tasteful, go for a finished or stained concrete floor. Match it with uncovered block or modern installations for a natural, modern energy.

Beautifying Examples and Trims

Get imaginative with enriching examples and decorates. You can utilize stencils, stamps, or even insert objects like rocks or tiles into the concrete for an exceptional plan.

Consolidating Concrete with Different Materials

Concrete coordinates well with different materials like wood, metal, and glass. Utilize concrete for the shower floor and wood for the walls, or join a concrete floor with a glass shower nook for a dazzling difference.


Establishment Cycle

Introducing a concrete shower floor is a multi-step process that requires accuracy and persistence. Here is a bit by bit manual for assist you with understanding what’s included.

Setting up the Subfloor

The initial step is to set up the subfloor. This includes cleaning the region, eliminating any current flooring, and it is level and stable to guarantee the surface.

Blending and Pouring the Concrete

Then, blend the concrete as per the producer’s directions and empty it into the pre-arranged region. Utilize a scoop to spread and smooth the concrete, ensuring it’s uniformly conveyed.

Relieving the Concrete

Relieving is a critical stage simultaneously. Permit the concrete to remedy for something like 24-48 hours. This helps it solidify and acquire strength.

Fixing and Wrapping up

When the concrete is completely restored, apply a sealer to shield it from dampness and stains. You can likewise add a last little detail, like cleaning or finishing, to upgrade the appearance.

Cost Contemplations

Concrete shower floors can change in cost contingent upon a few elements. This is the very thing that you really want to consider.

Factors Influencing Cost

The expense of a concrete shower floor can be impacted by the size of the area, the kind of concrete completion, and any extra plan components like stains or examples.

Do-It-Yourself versus Proficient Establishment

While introducing a concrete shower floor yourself can set aside cash, a complicated interaction requires expertise and experience. Employing an expert guarantees the task is finished accurately and can save you time and bother.

Long haul Worth

Notwithstanding the underlying expense, concrete shower floors offer long haul esteem because of their strength and low support prerequisites. They can likewise build the resale worth of your home.

Contrasting Concrete with Other Shower Floor Materials

Concrete isn’t the main choice for your shower floor. This is the way it piles facing other well known materials.

Concrete versus Tile

Tile is a typical decision for shower floors, however it tends to be inclined to breaking and requires normal grout support. Concrete, then again, is more strong and simpler to keep up with.

Concrete versus Stone

Stone shower floors offer a characteristic, rich look, however they can be costly and require more upkeep. Concrete gives a comparative tasteful at a lower cost and with less upkeep.

Concrete versus Acrylic

Acrylic shower floors are reasonable and simple to introduce, however they come up short on solidness and customization choices of concrete. Concrete offers an all the more top of the line, adjustable arrangement.


All in all, a concrete shower floor is a classy and tough decision for present day washrooms. Its flexibility considers various completions, from smooth and cleaned to provincial and finished, guaranteeing an ideal fit for any plan stylish.


Are Concrete Shower Floors Tricky?

Concrete can be tricky when wet, however adding a finished completion or utilizing hostile to slip medicines can further develop footing and make it more secure.

How Long Does a Concrete Shower Floor Last?

With legitimate establishment and support, a concrete shower floor can keep going for quite a long time, frequently outliving different materials like tile or acrylic.

Will Concrete Shower Floors Be Warmed?

Indeed, concrete shower floors can be fitted with brilliant warming frameworks to give warmth and solace, particularly in colder environments.

Is Concrete Reasonable for Wet Regions?

Concrete is exceptionally appropriate for wet regions like showers because of its solidness and water opposition. Legitimate fixing improves its presentation and life span.

What Tones Are Accessible?

Concrete can be stained in different varieties to match your washroom stylistic layout. From gritty tones to intense shades, the choices are practically boundless.

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